Boredom is a purely human condition, I doubt that animals experience it, unless they are in captivity; Since is a constant mix between activity and relaxation in its natural habitat. They spend the rest to stillness; more boredom and annoyance. Many times we have felt this emotion: I’m shocked, disgusted, annoyed, tired of the monotony, extremely boring; We take the role of indifference. Precisely in one of those days I was, when I decided to find something interesting and entertaining to read. I found a striking and at the same time epic title the conquest of happiness of Bertrand Russel. The main ideas of this article are drawn from his chapter: annoyance and excitement.

What is be boring?, all weariness has one important feature: the comparison between the current time and other more enjoyable. Imagine us in a Conference, and after having paid 10 or maximum 15 minutes of attention, we go into a lapse of: is enough, something has to change or awaken my senses. Or more critical still, have a job and have been dropped in the monotony and repetition, which accumulates until you feel a great emotional and physical weight to carry it out again. Or what about a relationship that already not causes us nothing, before which we take a role of indifference and not only we sink ourselves if we suffer but also inevitably our couple go by the same tedious road. To who causes him no terror that happen? But there is another important requirement to ensure boredom: we must be unemployed and out of focus, I dare say: dispassionate. Sure that being in a race either to escape someone that threatens our lives, or similarly a race for first place in a competition of athletics, should not be boring. Or be graduating us front an audience to be the spokesman for the ceremony, nor it should be.