Property Kirov

We can assume that only a very lazy people Kirov region and do not gossip about now rabid prices of housing in the region. And in general conversations not unfounded. It is interesting to note that the rise in property prices, Kirov Yaransk two thousand and eighth year compared to last year declined, but the price for 1 m? remains very high. Thus, in a number of new homes Kirov 1m price? equal to fifty thousand rubles, and in the secondary housing market of approximately 40 000. The main motive was the appreciation of real estate continuing rise in the cost of building materials, orgumentirovanny preparations for the Sochi Olympics. But real estate does not fall.

So, in order to rent an apartment in Kirov, Kopelniche need to see a real estate office, whose staff will help answer many questions – how to rent a house, how much rent, who to remove. The official removal of housing in the city involves presence in a host of documents confirming the origin of the actual owner of housing, which show that the apartment was given no bail, no charges, no debt, including for payment of services. Commercial property Kirov, dynamically evolving Omutninsk for 5 years, and especially the last two – three years, when in real estate includes Russian industry brands and local traders have started to progress active. The offer commercial space organizyvyvaetsya enterprises specializing property management, government agencies, commercial and trade organizations, federal and municipal authorities, who hold the economic management, the operating manual and non-residential facilities se6me. For commercial real estate owned, which is not geared to use it as an object of housing. K This category may include single objects, the lower and ground floors of residential buildings if the rooms were not designed for the status of living space. In these areas normally located spas, shopping, stamatologicheskie offices, tour operators, warehouses – all in the hands of the owner, and if the owner has changed, the purpose and objects can change.