Airbrush Tanning – Tanning With The Spray Gun

The tanning of the skin without ultraviolet radiation becomes more popular with the airbrush tanning in Germany is applied with a spray gun a tanning lotion to the skin. Through the use of the spray gun the lotion can be applied evenly on the skin resulting in a natural looking Tan results when used properly. The active ingredient of skin-tanning in the most Selbstbraunnungsprodukten is called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is a sugar derived from glycerol is classified for the health as harmless. DHA has been examined by the competent health authorities and released. The tanning using DHA provides the skin however no sufficient UV protection. Therefore should be used with the sun still protective products.

As a result of the renewal, the tanning effect of Dihydroxyacetone after approx. 4-8 subsides days. Airbrush tanning is already very popular especially in the United States. Frequently, this form of skin tanning has replaced going to the solarium. Many big stars from the music and film industries have discovered this kind of Tan for themselves. Also in Germany enjoys the airbrush tanning system of a rising popularity.

The industry is growing and offers interesting opportunities for companies. More and more people trust an airbrush tanning Studio. No matter what the occasion: with an airbrush tanning you can occur when you want with a tanned complexion. Especially for weddings, the wedding parties like to use this feature. But also business dates, appearances or before a holiday trip tannings applied frequently. Tanning without UV radiation with the airbrush tanning system is a skin-friendly alternative to the tanning salon to get a fresh and radiant healthy look for each season. Daniel Seth