Consolidated Credit

To make one I credit consolidated can have been a solution for its case of current on-indebtedness. But now it proceeds with caution. Some cares exist that must to use after making one I credit consolidated: It saves and it is moved away from new credits. Having its situation more alliviated the temptation of if using the saving obtained I credit with it consolidated in new credits is great. It does not proceed in such a way, seno it will progress the wide steps for the bankruptcy. The consolidated credits allow to ace families to increase its savings monthly, but the only destination is this that will have to give to the money that it surplus to the end of the month: ' ' poupana' '. If it does not forget that now it goes to be become indebted many more years and if it will not have a foot of stocking of at least 5 the 6 monthly incomes of its family unit will be able to meet repetidamente in bad sheets.

For example, if its family unit gains for month of a thousand euros, does not stop while not to obtain it to keep its safe situation during six months same in unemployment case suddenly. It amortizes its divides. With the real saving that goes creating, it uses part to be able to pay its divides. The more to obtain to amortize and to improve its situation of indebtedness, better image will have next to the financial entities and better taxes of interest will be able to negotiate with them. That is one I circulate vicious, the interests in the consolidated credits are high because they are lead for people who are ‘ ‘ with the rope in garganta’ ‘ , and therefore dangerous credits are considered, of high risk. Now, associated to the credits of high risk they will go to be always the high taxes of interest and is of that you must fight for running away. Good payer means interests low and is this that you must have constantly in mind if she intends to improve its quality of life. He knows more I credit on it consolidated in mine blog: consolidated credit. >