White House Cuba

Also they dominate the 85 percent of the electronic commerce. It is not to be strange then that the United States at all costs tries to raise like paladn of the freedom of expression and connection to Internet, because in fact it looks for to sell the American way of life and to turn to the network into merchandise, and not in the development instrument that is in fact. Ever since EE.UU authorized the connection from Cuba to Internet, the White House it stimulates, it finances and it directs the use of the Network of networks against the Revolution , 16 of November of 2006. From 1996, when they allowed the access to Cuba to Internet, the North American administrations have offered to substantial monetary contributions for the creation and maintenance of a series of Web sites that exhort to the internal subversion in Cuba and call to execute terrorist actions, and even boast publicly to be breaking the most elementary laws, between these the own North American legislation. The money that receives the contrarrevolucionarias organizations to maintain a negative image of Cuba in the cyberspace is so numerous, that it has even allowed them to buy spokesmen in other parts of the world. Perhaps in that sense case more typical is the one of Reporteros Sin Fronteras (RSF), that from 2002 has received from for Center to Free Cuba (CFC) numerous sums so that it slanders to the Revolution in diverse topics, among others the famous freedom of Internet. GOOD CIBERTERRORISTAS It is very significant that with all these measures and aggressions against the Cuban cyberspace, the United States not only violates the most elementary international regulations in the matter of communication, but pisotea its own laws, including recent legislations like the Patriotic Law, that condemns the terrorism, and the Law Antispam. .