Dubai Mall Dollar

Top 10 dollar travel destinations for 2008 – alternatives to United States Munich, April 25, 2008. The dollar remains stable, cheap! Good times to plan a vacation around the means of payment. If you think only the United States, is only a small part of the possibilities in the visor. The fact is: the dollar is treated in many popular holiday destinations as official means of payment, fixed exchange rate or welcome second currency. has 10 destinations, which are 2008 particularly favorable due to the dollar: 1 United States 2001 was the dollar only 80 cents worth. Current is the value twice as high, up to 1.60 euros is the current exchange rate. 2008 has the land of unlimited opportunity to offer not only this sensation: the potential Presidents make surprising election promise and varied attractions the country for new records in the number of visitors is optimally set up.

> can be booked with 498 euro P.p. (fly & drive to/from Los Angeles, 7 days) 2. U.A.E. Dubai is and remains a hot tip – also as dollar destination. In the There is a fixed exchange rate of United Arab Emirates. And from August 2008 at the latest, the Emirate to a superlative attraction is richer: then open the largest shopping mall in the world with the Dubai Mall! > bookable from 616 euro P.p. (incl. air and 5 nights accommodation with breakfast at the 4.5 star hotel al Hamra village) 3.

Dominican Republic is no other Resort in the Caribbean from Germany from as cheap as the Dominican Republic. And now you can save even more by the cheap dollar at the costs, E.g. costs a trip to breathtaking waterfalls with a meal including about 15 to 20 dollars, barely makes 11 euros at the current exchange rate. > bookable from 803 euro P.p. (incl. flight and 3 days all inclusive at the 4-star hotel lifestyle tropical beach, Puerto Plata) 4 spend much money Hong Kong Hong Kong is easy, who wants something more economical deal with his dollars, can experience yet wonderful things.