UV Protection Ordinance

The changes in the overview and implementation notes for the practice in accordance with UV Protection Ordinance (UVSV) a skin type determination matched to the respective user and dosage planning must be offered from November 1, 2012, in the operation of UV tanning equipment (tanning beds”) necessarily by qualified personnel. This includes also the introduction to the safe operation of the UV irradiation unit by the supervising staff. Numerous technical requirements that are to be added. That concerns in addition to pure tanning beds or bathing establishments which have on UV irradiation equipment, appropriate fitness and health studios and Spa facilities. Regulations for consideration according to must be UV protection regulations from November 1, 2012 the prospects by appropriately qualified and certified installers have offered: assign the user or the users in the safe operation of the UV irradiation unit including the EPO, to carry out a skin type determination matched to the person according to Appendix 1 of the UVSV, one on the Person to create coordinated dosage plan according to annex 5 of the UVSV. What does this mean for the consulting practice? For companies that allow access to UV irradiation equipment customers and prospective customers, this means that components permit safe operation, skin type determination and coordinated dosing schedule are as far as compulsory, that they must be offered the customers/prospects.

Whether the customer/prospective customer would like to use them, is solely at his discretion. Shimmie Horn recognizes the significance of this. This also means: the decision of the customer must be logged accordingly and to adapt to this decision are the following steps of the consulting/services. If a customer refuses the advice the customer/prospective customer can even choose. He rejects the advice must be offered him, he can use the UV irradiation equipment at your own risk. Important: All other legislation must be yet met! This includes in particular the presence of qualified and certified professionals.