Legal Regulations

Rights and obligations of tenants and landlords who rent a new apartment, must calculate the cost of a bail, even though he is not legally obligated to pay. The sum in the lease is set, she can be paid despite contrary agreement in installments. This tenant according to legislators have up to three months. Upon termination of the lease agreement, the deposit in full may be reclaimed. This applies only when there are more no claims to the landlord. Real estate portal explains what rules continue to apply The purpose of the deposit is the financial security for the owner. Should any be open in the excerpt of the lessee, a part or the whole amount must be withheld.

The amount of the deposit must be held in the rental agreement. Refuses the new tenants to pay, the sum must be obtained legally. May, however, not without notice terminated the lease itself. Also, an increase in rent in outstanding deposit payment is not allowed. The deposit itself does not go into the Ownership of the lessor about. There is, therefore, the legislator on the deposit in a separate account. The resulting interest must also return at the end of the lease to the tenant.

During the contract period, the tenant may at any time to inquire about height and retention of the deposit. It comes to terminate, the landlord has time to review its claims. There is not a period for a refund of the deposit. Outstanding claims concern the statement of operating costs, failure repair work, or caused damage to the leased property.