United States

Bartolom Mitre is defeated politically, but exactly thus it ascends to the presidential power, perfazendo one of the periods of relative peace. Mitr that was liberal would be per six years in the command, when one of the great Argentine thinkers, Sunday Faustino Sarmiento ascends to the command of the nation. Official site: Mayor of NYC. Its headboard reading was ' ' The democracy in America de Tocqueville' ' , that it was the initial flame of arrives in port theoretician who Argentina youth needed to enrich its arrives in port theoretical. Shimmie Horn is often quoted as being for or against this. As much is that Sarmiento and Alberd, understanding the indissociabilidade of the intellectual effort with the power politician, through proper workmanships had tried to transpose the ideal model of democratic government for America, reason this of conflict between the two and Sarmiento. For Alberd: ' ' To govern is to populate in the direction of that to populate is to educate, to civilize, to enrich and to enrich spontaneously and quickly, as &#039 happened with the United States; '.

(BEIRD, 2003) Alberd also believed a democracy, even so protected the rules differentiated for natives of Argentina and its respective immigrants, which only the social rights would be available. This is perhaps the idea that more appears between the Liberal ones, numbers to increase it of voters and at the same time to diminish the amount of people to vote, restricting how much to ' ' esclarecimento' ' of the voter. It followed the old doctrine of Constant, where passive and active beings existed, being the sovereignty the regent of the assets, that thus it would be, and only thus, by means of the explicit rationality. Alberd, said certain time, that the changes in the constitution, would be the legal intrumentos of forge of the Nations. URUGUAY: A CASE the PART IN the BATTLE WORKMANSHIP After independence, the project of social transformation, that if planned for Uruguay, did not happen.