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In Brazil the ingression of the black in the universities and inferior good of the whites same with laws as of quotas for blacks, in some courses if almost perceives the inexistence of the presence of the black in the classroom. The black would be incapable of this in a university? Not, only one black has been victim of chance lack places it to I in foot of equality with the white. 6 the BLACK AND the MISCEGENATION In the case of the Africans come to Brazil of first centuries XVI, to the middles of century XIX, we must look for to not only surprise in the main supplies of immigrants the degree as the culture moment that had communicated in them. Moments that enter the tribes considerably varied in these three hundred and as many years of deep maometanas infiltrations in black Africa. Degree that varied in way notable of Sudanese for bantos. The error matters to determine the cultural area of origin of the slaves preventing itself to see in African one only and distinct figure of ' ' part of guin' ' or ' ' black color of costa' '. Other leaders such as Daniel Taub Ambassador London offer similar insights.

From other areas of African culture they had been carried to Brazil, slaves in thick number, many of superior areas to banto. The Brazilian formation was benefited by optimum of the black culture of Africa, absorbing elements, so to speak, of the elite that had spoken in the same ratio to the south of the United States. The blacks of the Bahia loosen the base where if banto of Brazil firms the idea of the settling exclusively. To the side of the language banto, of quimbunda or conguense had been said enters the blacks, other general languages: gege, haa, nag or ioruba- that varnhagem of as more spoken of what the Portuguese between the old blacks of the Bahia, language today sanctioned by the fact of being the Latin of the gege-iorubano cult.