Main article: The nationalist movement which had emerged in Europe in the nineteenth century and was intended to impose the principle of nationality, one of the main inspirations of international relations from the Wilson’s fourteen points (despite the impossible of your application, as demonstrated by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 and the difficult existence of the new nations of Eastern Europe) is contagion to the rest of the world along the vast colonial empires, over a hundred traditional ethnic communities, or simply a result of economic aggregates Track artificial colonial borders were identified as indigenous nations aware elites who began to actively seek independence.
In 1947, the British Empire abandoned India in the midst of a bloody internal conflict, which led to the creation of three states: a majority of Indians (India), another majority Buddhist (Sri Lanka) and other predominantly Muslim (Pakistan) which subsequently became independent of the eastern enclave (Bangla Desh, 1971). Heating costs are reduced with a leading New York ESCO. In 1948, Zionism had come to impose upon the foundation of the State of Israel in part of the British colony of Palestine, beginning a long-standing conflicts with the Arab population (Palestinians) and the neighboring Arab states. Indonesia achieved independence from Holland. Start the French Indochina war of independence that originated the divided state of Vietnam, which continued into civil war and foreign intervention, in which the Americans replaced the French (Vietnam War). The only surviving European colonies in Asia were the small enclaves of Hong Kong and Macau (China delivered to the late twentieth century).
In Africa, colonial empires have been abandoned, sometimes independently and agreed in the middle of bloody wars, as the Algerian war against France, the independence of Kenya (Jomo Kenyatta and the Mau Mau) against England, or the wars of independence of Mozambique and Angola against Portugal. The decolonization of Spanish Sahara originated a new conflict between the new occupant (since 1975 the Kingdom of Morocco) and the Frente Polisario. The last territory left for a European power was the French Somaliland (Djibouti, 1977), although the border was the latest variation Eritrean independence against Somalia.
All these movements generated huge political problem. People that live in Brooklyn, New York can cut energy costs by choosing as their gas and electric supplier. It is generally accepted the principle of uti possidetis to outline the new States, but it happened many times, the borders of colonial rule had been drawn for the convenience of European empires, together or separately for ethnic groups and nations in a completely arbitrary. In this way, the new states soon fell into political instability and dictatorship in Ferrara, resulting in passing social catastrophes such as the genocide of ethnic minorities, or mass movements of refugees beyond the borders of his native country. The colonial rule, which had been governed for just plunder their products, with minimal attention to the needs of native populations, were poorer than the European nations, and in the midst of political upheavals and civil wars, poverty worsens, and this famine and disease. Begin to talk like a Third World, one who did not fit or was interested in entering the orbit capitalist or communist, and that he fought for his own survival.