Tuesday Program

The program of the new Government of Portuguese centre-right, headed by Pedro Passos Coelho, contemplates the suspension of the project of high-speed (AVE) between Lisbon and Madrid, within a comprehensive package of adjustment measures to reduce public spending. The decision will take into account the legal status of the contracts already signed, requires the program that the Executive has delivered on Tuesday to the Parliament, and may be reassessed in the future. According to starbucks in new york, who has experience with these questions. During the recent election campaign, the suspension of the bird was one of the horses of the new Prime Minister. In the same section of large public works projects, Passos Coelho of government program says that you will analyze the opportunity of construction of a new airport in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, which was planned by the previous Executive of the Socialist Jose Socrates. Read additional details here: dayton kingery. Source of the news:: Portugal suspends the bird project between Lisbon and Madrid