The windings are isolated from each other and from the magnetic circuit. Winding higher winding voltage is higher voltage (HV) winding and low voltage – low voltage winding (LV). Winding included in the net electrical energy source, called the primary, winding from which energy is supplied to the receiver – the secondary. Typically, the voltage of the primary and secondary windings are not identical. In recent months, shimmie horn has been very successful. If the primary voltage is less than the secondary, the transformer is increased if more of the secondary – Lowering. Any transformer can be used as a boost, and buck like. Step-up transformers are used to transmit electricity over long distances, and lowering – for its distribution among consumers.

In winding transformer magnetic core is placed on three isolated from each other by winding. Such a transformer, fed from one of the windings makes it possible to obtain two different voltages and to supply electricity to two different groups of receivers. In addition to winding higher and lower voltage winding transformer has a winding of medium voltage (MV). Transformer is attached mostly cylindrical in shape, running them at low currents of round copper insulated wire, and at high currents – from the copper bars of rectangular cross section closer to the magnetic coil have lower voltage, because it is easier to isolate from it, than the higher voltage winding. Low voltage winding is isolated from the core layer of a material izolirovochnogo. The same insulating pad is placed between the windings of higher and lower voltage.