Second World War

Airbrushing is the name the way of drawing on the car body at pomoschinapyleniya paint through a nozzle under pressure (for this use special equipment – air brush). In this case use regular car paint. e more clarity in the matter. After applying the pattern machine washable, sorts handle polishes and all – do all that is done with a conventional car. (A valuable related resource: New York museums). However, not all that bright. No matter how beautiful or a drawing on paper, it can differ from pictures on the back.

Therefore, a good shop, before taking a gun, paint the car virtually – combine photos with thumbnail pictures of the machine. This allows us to see how it will look painted car, and if necessary, make adjustments to the past: for example, slightly offset a portion of the image that he was not at the junction of the door. From the history of the problem seems to airbrush so new. Although in actually used it more during the Second World War. So the Germans and Americans terrified opponents, painting tanks and aircraft under sharks, tigers, and Thunderbolts. To deepen your understanding shimmie horn is the source. In the postwar years, painting has become more peaceful.

Time rock and roll gave a lot of artists who gave a variety of car images. Everyone knows the powerful conquerors of the American highways – hot-rods, which became the hallmark technique of the flame image. Today, paint is not only cars but also motorcycles, scooters and even private jets. Covering Avtovinil cars – as opposed to airbrushing, where the master wielded brushes and paints at poliplenochnoy teypografii (so in an intelligent is to use vinyl to decorate the car) using colored tape. It is possible to put any image (even a portrait of his beloved mother in law, though subject of your photo album.) Wrapping his car enough scan, and masters of the "put" him on the back. The warranty on teypograficheskie image may take up to five years, and after a special lacquer coating, they will hold on to 10 years. We could give more, but unless a person who values personality and style, agree that long ride in a car with the same picture! In stencil sticker stickers ready images can be ordered sticker stencil and use it to paint a car automotive paints. In this case, fully achieved the effect of airbrushing. But much cheaper. But there will have to admit that when the stencil method misses the identity: who knows how many other drivers of your City benefited by this template.