Tony Buzan

Successful people are very organized, because to have a developed mind manage to remember their activities which would lead them to meet their objectives, day after day, their thoughts and memories store is always alert when they require information that they learned the past. Ordinary people live with the fear of forgetting the pleasant moments by the passage of the years, that is why both you as I know the importance of maintaining the maximum our memory recall is to live how we keep in shape our memory? How to keep the store in our memories? Imagine life without devices and PDAs that remember us appointments, telephones, birthdays, anniversary etc. It would be a world where everyone would have a memory bit, developed, working every day. Technological advances have led to the deterioration and neglect of the largest of our resources that gives us identity as person: mind, in addition to aged 30 years and older brain begins to suffer natural deterioration. This you can avoid? Of course that if as lee mentioned previously the deterioration of the mind begins naturally from the 30, fortunately these changes have allowed for memory exercises to maintain brain young and active. This is the secret of leaders, successful people, perform these exercises in a way of prevention, to sharpen the mind, thus increasing concentration in the realization of your goals daily and the retention of any information they wish to. Important is the memory in order to achieve the success we want, fortunately everyone can develop it. Continuing the exercises presented in previous articles memory, then show you some for your consideration: 1.-exercise your visualization, imagine or draw the concept that you want to memorize.

2. Associate data to remember mainly the most difficult, associating them in poems, songs, images etc. 3.- Organize, always assigns a place to each thing, and very important, do not perform several tasks at the same time. 4. Do not despair nor you stress if you can’t remember something, the best way is to calm down and concentrate on remembering the forgotten information.

It starts by the places where you were before. 5. Be happy, laugh. It is easier to remember the events that cause happiness. =) Now this is what it will do, complement each of the activities outlined with exercises of past articles, or if it is the first time that you visit us attempt to convert each of these exercises for memory in a habit. One per day, you will notice that you felt fresh, full of energy and focused on their goals. You are a successful person never forget it. =) Always relates to the maturity with memory loss but specialists in the field as Tony Buzan demonstrate that this is not true, a young man perhaps if you can solve a problem more quickly, but the truth is that it succeeds only by the fact that it has been in constant learning, (for school mainly) so that the years us are excuse for having a bad memory. Self imposed limitations and oneself can eliminate them. You want to know more? visit do think thereon? Leave me your comment, I’ll be personally you responding.

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