Therapeutic Theatre

We come from a society where the artistic activities (theatre, dance, painting, music, writing) is heritage of the few, the so-called artists. All others we operate as consumers of their productions (performances, exhibitions, galleries, books, concerts). There is, however, increasingly greater motivation among a growing number of people to live the art from the place of the creator, the author. In parallel, society is offering more possibilities to explore different artistic activities as the protagonist, rather than how mere passive spectator. One of the channels to access the experience of experiencing the role of creative artist is the arte-terapia. This practice adds to the fact of producing artistic works, factor use this creation process as well as the same works produced, like a mirror where able to realize ourselves, of who we are, how we operate it, of which parts of us they reject, our potentials and gifts, and also as a field of exercises of new responses and infradesarrolladas qualities.

The role of author, exercised in the area of the arte-terapia, supposed to create a work that plasma outside our own interior (impulse, feeling, emotion, image, idea) with a conscience. This is, ideally, an act of true communication, an expression of our authenticity, a dump without reservations of our inner energy in a foreign production that we expressed and reflected. To go exercising in this role of author, the person is finding difficulties with their own locks. You can to cost you know who he is, what they feel, want or need; or you can, being in contact with what boils inside, not get express way full; or that, being able to express it, then it is difficult to remain at peace with itself and with its production. In arte-terapia (whether through theater, dance, painting, writing) is repeated this process, as an author, we do the attempt of express our inner content in an external way, looking for the way a growing feeling of satisfaction and agreement between the self, the inner nature, the process of creation, and the produced work.