The Formation

… ' ' The human being is, in the way where vive' ' , a system individual? half that one consists all in one indissocivel one. In this direction, ' ' no man independently lives, thinks, feels or judges of the social group the one that pertence' ' (Oak, 1979:15). Simultaneously no social group has independent life of the individuals that constitute. From this interactive dynamics it is understood that, by means of a participativa performance in its context, the person, at the same time, contributes in such a way for the construction of this context as for its proper personal development, as human being and citizen. (p.60- 61). …

The democratic participation promotes the overcoming of the simple necessity of association human being, who can be guided by an individualistic and opportunist direction, by means of distortion or incompletude of the formation human being for a necessity of integration of the human being for a necessity of integration of the human being in the society, of if feeling part of it and for responsible it, to harmonize and to co-ordinate efforts of the group, with purpose to carry through a more effective work, contributing for the good of all. (P. 61). 2.3.4. The participation implies a global vision of the social process … the participation is a principle to permear all the segments, spaces and moments of the pertaining to school life and the processes of the education system, in accordance with the democratic, orienting postulates of the joint construction.

… (p.62) the participation, therefore, is not privileges, or idiosyncrasy of definitive groups, and yes general condition, characterized for the express reciprocity in all the segments, meandros and moments of the interactions in the social unit, either of the system of education, either in the school, either between system and school. Consisting it reciprocity in inherent condition to the participation process, is estimated, therefore, as a component element of the organized social life of the social unit, that, at the same time, is confrontation and process key of challenges.