The Costs

In the speech therapy (speech therapy), there are also 15%, but less than EUR 8 per treatment. Both of these examples were however by a single insurer, but from different plans. In the tariff of 1 were collective of Halle, the NK in the second example to the Primo B. Read the rules in the terms of the tariff in the download area. However, further restrictions can be present in the tariffs. There are businesses and tariffs that limit the number of treatments per year. In my opinion, one should avoid such tariffs. It is not planned how long and how often such treatment must be performed.

Particularly in serious accidents, strokes and the like are one A variety of measures. Another form of restriction consists in singles before bekannten-percentage control. So, our example 1 paid only 80% of the costs. A treatment cost 28.50 EUR, such success so here a reimbursement of EUR 18 (so 80% of the maximum rate of 22.50 EUR) and the second example just 14.62 EUR (here 75% of the maximum rate of 19.50 EUR). In our example 2, this means its own share in a recipe, so 10 treatments, 138,75 EUR. This should be considered when choosing a tariff quite.

That does not mean that such a tariff is good or bad, he must only fit the need. All this is useless but, if the treatments such as speech therapy or occupational therapy in the insurance conditions are mentioned. Then a limit on what is useless, because there are 0 euro refund. Basis / idea for this article was a, addressed to me, question on the who know help portal.