New State Reserve Light

Since the end of the xix century Zander was chosen by educated middle class and the students of big cities of the empire. The main purpose of recreation – swimming in the sea, which is really far better than Yalta. Well, of course, diversity and availability of fruit and especially grapes – the fact of no small importance. The city has long been a center of sightseeing and adventure tourism, forms of which are constantly evolving, adding new fashion trends and routes. Prices here will always be available. And of course, a huge number of interesting people from different countries come here for centuries, in geological and other expeditions as well as drawing, writing poetry, making movies. Season very short. At the May holidays will start work only well-hyped health centers, which come up for this special program or a conference and invite celebrities.

Summer season starts in the full sense only with 20 days of June and the end of August, all freezes. Restaurateur may also support this cause. Only festivals kvn give their participants to feel that here is a velvet season. True, it happens every year, but in some years, you can swim and sunbathe at the end October. From November to April in Sudak not much fun in the cold sea winds. However, the big resorts have indoor swimming pool with heated sea water, and their old parks powerful crowns of trees able to protect against weather and provide year-round is quite pleasant conditions.

Sudak area has a diverse and rich nature with shady mountain forests, waterfalls and caves, beautiful rock and the grace valleys. Some of the withers and decrepitude of mountain slopes is noted only in the coastal area. The local forests are not felled at one time the stakes for vineyards, so they are now treeless, and prone to erosion, which, incidentally, makes and them a special beauty. In the area of the set of protected objects of different levels of protection. At all remarkable and easy to transport to the objects are organized excursions. And next to Sudak: New State Reserve Light, Cape Alchak with Aeolian harp and Forest Park Perch – easy to get yourself. The set of active travel routes allow us to estimate the charm of pristine nature of these places on foot, horseback, mountain bike or jeep. A boat trips more comfortable, but give an unforgettable experience. First of all, in the bay of the New World, as well as along the recently declassified Cape Meganom also an object of natural reserve fund. It is interesting unique plant complexes that join the mountains and grassland species, as well as the rich world of coastal waters are very transparent and clean.