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Yacht – sail or motor boat with an elegant outfit, designed for recreational trips or sports' – dictionaries say. But none of them will not say exactly who, where and when it was first guessed using boats and ships through the checkout process and hire the ship solely for recreation, not for transporting people and goods. We only know what the oldest in the world Yacht Club – Royal Cork Yacht Club from the Irish Krossheyvena was founded in 1720 year, and the America's Cup, the second largest sporting trophy in the world after the World Cup, was established in 1851, when the British Royal Sailing Squadron and the New York Yacht Club organized a contest for the possession of the Cup a hundred guineas. However, the truly fashionable pastime of the richest and most affluent sailing was only a twentieth and thirties of the twentieth century, now nostalgically remembered as a 'Golden age of sail'. The then kings, princes and financial moguls can boast of great racing yachts, the most vivid embodiment of which were leviathan J-Class that challenge America's Cup – sailed in such vessels moneybags like Tom Sopwith, Thomas Lipton Tea King and banker Harold Vanderbilda.

Same object of envy was a yacht Britannia – which, incidentally, untutored viewer could easily be called vip steamer <- owned King George V. During the time that has elapsed since then, little has changed. Racing's most elite yacht and is now sponsored by people rich and famous. Several members of the royal families of Europe remain constant participants in the competition – however, the conquest of the vertices of the sports representatives of the royal family names are no longer affordable.

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