Slate – a common building material, typically used for laying the roof. This ancient building material – natural origin. Slate is a corrugated sheet that is placed on the principle of "scales". Despite the fact that the origin of slate leaves in ancient Greece, today he continues to be popular. Invented more than 250 different types of moldings for the manufacture of slate.

A technology of its production is constantly being improved. The composition of slate can be divided into two categories: natural (natural) and artificial. Natural slate – is mica mined in the bowels of the earth. This mineral, from which then make the slate can be produced in different places. This will affect, it will vary in color. Multicolored slate is better not to combine with the device roofing. In addition, this material is perfect for lining the walls.

Natural slate has a number of advantages over artificial. Chief among them – it's long life and color retention. Choosing natural slate for decorating roofs and cladding of the building, you will provide his dwelling protection from the damaging effects of natural, easy to clean from mud and, of course, a pleasant appearance. However, natural slate for its financial cost – very expensive pleasure. Probably, however, some residents prefer artificial slate. This variety of different components of asbestos used in its manufacture. In Soviet times, has received the distribution of asbestos slate. But in the early twentieth century began to emerge rumors about his health warnings. This dispute is not resolved so far. And the main snag is that some form of asbestos used in the production. Now widely accepted soft slate. It is made of mineral wool which, after impregnation with bitumen and then painted. In addition, the application finds and metal slate, manufactured from galvanized steel. At a special he loom is attached to an undulating shape. Metallic Slate is also used widely for cladding the building, and device of the roof. Different types of slate abound. But the choice is yours. After often it depends on the type of masonry slate, and its applicability to those funds that you have. asbestos-cement pipe