Intenret Capabilities

The effect of these measures was fantastic. A 375 branches in 26 U.S. banks that existed in 1968, moving 22 million U.S. dollars, increased in 1971 to more than one thousand agencies, 79 banks, with assets of $ 52 million U.S.. b) It was from the 1980s with an expansion of telephony, the Internet, which created the conditions for communication capable of allowing an acceleration of movement without borders cash, virtual currency, binary digits, which in principle does not reflect everything that exists in the world and collects in a few backwaters of the Earth, always looking forward and return with a bit more profit. It is a wonderful network of prosecutors. Tax havens, it is important to clarify one point: the architecture of the network of tax havens, that develop during or after the cold war, a great global Laundry is the result of a state policy, led by the U.S.. UU ..

The analysis HUDSON: The Department of State (USA), Treasury and discussed major international banks in the country with a proposal to do something they feared would have done without official encouragement. They should develop and expand their own branches in major centers of capital volatility in the world – and perhaps help establish a new number. This will not only attract money as volatile as argues that sums sent abroad by American tax evaders (…). The Chase and other large American banks responded by assembling a network of offshore centers to convert U.S. in a Swiss high-level (Hudson visited 30/09/2004).

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