Presented project of Research as referring evaluation to disciplines Methods and Techniques of Research under the orientation of the Prof Sandra Papesky Sabbag. Subject: The water scarcity Course Business administration? 2o. Semester FAESP – College Albert Einstein of So Paulo 30 of October of 2006 PLAN OF RESEARCH Subject: Water scarcity Justification: The activity human being comes causing, in recent years, a great negative impact in aquatic ecosystems of our planet, and this was the determinative factor for the choice of the subject. For many this subject is seen as a modismo, only that the last events in the sample that and we do not have to take actions that occasion immediate effect, of the opposite, this well essential for the life human being will be able to have end. This research also makes possible in them to improve our scientific position and to contribute so that other people can have access to the information on the water scarcity, and to see dimension of this problem, that in some regions already real the scarcity. The water guarantees the life of beings livings creature in the land, however are a finite resource and are scarce in all the planet. In many countries already the blue gold is considered. The volume of water in the planet land is around 1,5 billion of cubical kilometers, being 97.5% salty water and 2.5% water candy, of which usable only 0.8% for the use of the human consumption, distributed in rivers and lakes, and greater has left, that is, 95% are in the subsoil. Although me the distribution in the globe, Brazil is privileged in this aspect, therefore it possesss about 12% of all the water existing candy in the land. According to Unicef (Deep of United Nations for Infancy) less of the half of the population has access the drinking waters, that is 43% of the world-wide population do not have service of basic sanitation.