Rockefeller Center

“The Chief of the hut, Stephan Lamberts, his hut magic” once so described: our glass has a soul “. That can Lamberts glass “, has become a winged word in the industry. The combinations of 5,000 colors give leeway for their designs, they find nowhere else artists from all over the world “, says Christian. So has the most expensive painter of our time, Gerhard Richter, a window for the Cologne Cathedral on Lamberts glass designed, the Dresdner Frauenkirche may waive nor the hand blown glass from Waldsassen as the Pope Benedict House or Rockefeller Center in New York. And curves in Taiwan a 660 square-foot glass dome over a metro station. As the American glass artist Guy Kemper received the prestigious contract to design the Memorial Chapel at ground zero in New York as his way led him directly to Waldsassen, to pick out the glass for his design of the imagined ruined towers of the World Trade Center.

And then tells Christian by a nightly pub crawl with Kemper by Waldsassen and how the star artist at the Zoigl beer became the friend. And also Christian travels on Lambert’s behalf by the World, although he was never away from Waldsassen. Wanderlust has never been a motivation for him. To know more about this subject visit shimmie horn. Josef Irlbacher, 58, Chef and owner of Irlbacher Blickpunkt Glas GmbH in beautiful Lake close to the Czech border. An Upper Palatinate medium-sized companies, which he has led in the third generation, in the top of the world, since he entered in 1966 in the company. Since then the special glass processors has directly on the glass road, located, laid out an amazing career: with 330 employees and over 1,200 customers worldwide. Hardly a competitor in Europe is similarly innovative when it comes to switching techniques and technical glass. Whether the light switch to the computer display, whether it’s for coffee or typewriters, whether in the oven, lighting and sanitary industry.