North Competition

in Germany wakeboard Championships in the in the North of the city of Cologne, a great experience at 14 to 15 September, it is for the third time so far. The Wakeboard Cup held in Germany will hold worn on the Fuhlinger Lake in the North of Cologne. Book soon to get a cheap hotel in Cologne so that these great Championships not to be missed. Held on August 13 between 12 and 19: 00 already the preparations for the weekend instead. Catch that preliminaries in the four open levels in the morning of Saturday around 9 o’clock. Participate here men and women without age restriction.

Just open. In addition to the open qualifying sprints there is the junior men (for boys the age section of 14-17 years) boys (for boys under 14 years of age) and the masters (30 years upwards). Furthermore offers on Saturday still a last opportunity to qualify for all those place where he failed to qualify the final competition on Friday for the. Also a competition for the “best trick” played on Saturday held. The tremor has an end on Sunday. The final competition findetgegen 11: 00 instead. Evaluation criteria are technology, difficulty level, cleanliness, height, jumps and tricks. The wealth of ideas no limits are offered.

For all that is now undecided are how wakeboarding, here’s a brief introduction: the wakeboard one may imagine about like a snowboard, which is then laced the football on the feet. The best riders is so driven by a motor boat. The Wakeboarder uses the waves produced by the motor boat as a jump ramp, hence the name of wakeboarding. But we should not wander you us at length. Arriving just between the 14th and 15 August after in the city of Cologne and directly experience the Wakeboarder competition. As accommodation many cheap hotels in Cologne, from where you will have good connectivity to the Championships provide. Luca Magri