Comments on the Berlin manifesto of the Green after the country delegates Conference the Action Alliance “Berlin enjoys!” under the umbrella of the Federal Assembly for enjoyment, freedom and self-determination were following joint press statement the Berlin program of Alliance 90 / the Green set intentions, to exacerbate the current smoking ban in Berlin from: initiative for pleasure Berlin e.V. smoking in Rixdorf e.V. of East German Association of pipe-smoker tobacco College Berlin Federal of empowered citizens LV Brandenburg the Berlin Greens appear to the election of the House of representatives in September of this year now with the call for a tightening of the statutory smoking ban to. Last weekend, the majority of their national delegates rejected the moderate position of Executive, which wanted to keep it at the previous scheme of the Berlin non-smokers Protection Act. Literally it means the now approved program (on page 20): we advocate a consistent non-smoker protection. The protection against the Secondhand smoke needs to be expanded. These include also a consistent safety in hospitals and the gastronomy and a smoking ban for children’s playgrounds… “The comparison with the design of the program, which was the land Board in the national delegate Conference shows intentions in the core behind this general formulation.

There were still the record (on page 21 in line 583): we for a consistent non-smoker protection, as provided in the Berlin non smoking Protection Act, enter. “The fears of the Action Alliance Berlin enjoys!” is thus confirmed: the Greens want to introduce Bavarian conditions also in Berlin, so invariably prohibit smoking in restaurants. That the Berlin pub culture is destroyed and the operators of smokers restaurants this lose their economic existence, the Greens accept consciously. For them it is about else: you want more than a quarter of the Berlin population, namely the smoking, the to not educate to be, excluded from public life. Who enjoys bothers? No city for all bad after all. Detlef Petereit the Aktonsbundnis “enjoy Berlin!” is a Berlin-based clubs and organizations that focus on the theme of pleasure and civil liberties.