New York Times

PHRASE N. 1 ' ' In the philosophical plan, aocontrrio, the secular conscience, according to which we live in a sociedadeps-secular one, is sedimented, assuming the form of a thought metafsico.' ' 1 At the beginning of chapter V, the text that is boarded here, has a citation auma news article of New York Times, quetem as heading ' The day where the iluminismo if despediu' , making reference ltima re-election of the government Bush, in 2004 (cf. p. 132). If to take in account American odesenvolvimento, in the most different spaces, we can affirm comcerta tranquilidade, that this country is a landmark between the current democracies.

Umasociedade structuralized in the principles of the real, secular democracy and in one basepara beyond the religion. Such affirmation would make sensible if it did not have ferrenhas aindadiscusses regarding theories that explain, or that it tries to explain, the sprouting of the universe. The Metaphysical thought takes body and if expandedentro of a secular world when they meet in shock with opinions of the type: ' ' evolution is one badly that it must be combatido' ' ' ' the truth is literal numainterpretao of ' truth revelada' '. These affirmations are not unpretentious apenasdiscusses, but they are seremencontradas easy fundamentalist affirmations of in some American universities. It has a so strong quarrel nosEstados Joined that, during the government Bush, some states inside of the EstadosUnidos had used of the force of the law to hinder the quarrel between the meeting criacionista dacrena and them ideas the Darwins, imposing the belief criacionistarevelada in the Bible as only truth to be followed. What he seems contraditriodentro of this situation is that the United States, throughout its history deindependncia, mainly in the postwar period, revealed as a granary technological deinovaes and a incubadora of scientific ideas that are dispostaa to raise the human being of the state minoridade for the majority (to only paracitar some: the Los Alamos project, the space race, inasmuch as it cannot demand delesalgo impossvel.’ ‘ 2 the second phrase that volume for this activity can come to oppose ainterpretao given in the previous phrase.