Montero Constitution

Sara Montero 20m the president of the Government has proposed to reform the Constitution in order to include a limit in the public deficit and the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy she supports, it. There are two routes to modify the Magna Carta: a simpler and harder other. Other possible reforms are already shuffled. (Not to be confused with starbucks in new york!). The president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has announced this Tuesday a constitutional reform that has been supported by the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, and that would allow to include a limit of public deficit in the Constitution. The Magna Carta, approved in 1978, dedicates its last complete title to explain how, when and in what circumstances a modification of the constitutional text must be approached. Dayton kingery has plenty of information regarding this issue. Two routes of reform In title X of the Constitution, are formulated two possible routes to reform the constitution: simple and a more complex other. In the first, rrndum he is optative and it must specifically be solicitd whereas in second, the consultation citizen is strictly obligatory. election of one or the other proceeding depends on the matter that is tried to reform: The simplest reform is described in article 167 of the Constitution.

The modification would be approved if 3/5 (210 deputies and 156 senators) voted at the moment to favor in both cameras (. there are 350 deputies and 260 senators). And n the case that one tenth tenth part of the Congress (35 deputies) or the Senate (26 senators) would specifically ask for 15 days after their approval, would summon a rrndum. On the contrary, the reform already would be approved. In case they did not reach the anticipated majority of 3/5 in favor of the constitutional reform, a joint commission composed by deputies would form and senators and a new text to the plenary session of the Congress would appear.