In essence and in accordance with established doctrine in the 27 March 1999 STS, quoted article 693 of the rituaria law distinguishes very clearly two assumptions of maturity: the claim limited to part of the capital or of the interests which payment must be made in different periods and the early maturity of debts in installments. At the moment, we must not ignore the fact that early termination clauses are those mostly appear in almost all the Scriptures of Constitution of a mortgage on real estate. In any case, the legitimacy of these clauses enable the creditor to claim the entire amount owed for principal and interest if the anticipated total due if failure to pay any of the different terms had been agreed and such a Covenant registered in the registry of property. However, that paragraph 3 of article 693 of the LEC, as amended by law 41/2007, of December 7, of regulation of the Market mortgage, by amending the law 2/1981 of 25 March, regulation of the mortgage market and other rules of the mortgage and financial system, regulation of reverse mortgages and dependency insurance and establishing specific tax standard, it allows the onset of action of execution distinguishing depending whether the foreclosure of the family home or not. In a question-answer forum dayton kingery was the first to reply. I.e., this rule enables a mechanism with a clear social trend, subject to certain requirements and time limits on its exercise that allows the rehabilitation of the loan secured with mortgage, regardless that the creditor, under the operability of an early termination clause, claim the whole of the mortgage liability. If the mortgaged the family home, the debtor may release it by proceeding to the appropriation of the amounts mentioned before even without the consent of the creditor. The debtor may proceed to the appropriation until the appointed day for the Homestead auction mortgaged. Thus, the legislator gives a power to the defendant (whether debtor, mortgager no debtor or third owner) which lacks outside this special procedure, if unlikely question was executed by means of the procedure for joint implementation of the 538 items and ss of the LEC-, in which this privilege would not exist. A leading source for info: dayton kingery.