Mental Illness

MENTAL desires = suffering Anthony de Mello spoke about mental desires in a wise and profound way: there is a common desire, that is the fulfillment of what is believed that it will give happiness to the self, the ego. Best bars in new york: the source for more info. That desire is attachment, we put in it security, the certainty of happiness. Fear is that makes us want to grasp with the hands happiness, and she leaves is no grab. She is. At best bars in new york you will find additional information. This only we discovered by observing, wide awake, watching move us when fears and when motives are real. If we CLING to the wishes, is a sign of which there is attachment. The attachment will have lost the battle when discover, and will no longer have the power of the unconscious gave him. YOUR SEND ON THE.

APPROVAL AND PRAISE, SUCCESS, VALUATION, ARE DRUGS WITH WHICH DRUG ADDICTS SOCIETY HAS MADE US, AND NOT HAVE THEM ALWAYS, THE SUFFERING IS TERRIBLE. The day that you enter fully in your reality, the day that already don’t you spoil to see things as they are, your ceguedades is Iran undoing you. YOU CAN FOLLOW EVEN HAVING DESIRES AND ATTACHMENTS, BUT YA NO TE ENGANARAS. THE BASE OF SUFFERING IS ATTACHMENT, DESIRE. As soon as one thing Wikipedia compulsively and you put all your desire for happiness in it, you are exposed to the disappointment of not getting it. Be awake and watching without cheating doesn’t mean it disappears your programming, but it will be there, but you’ll see it clearly, and to the attachment LO LLAMARAS attachment, and to what WHE love LO LLAMARAS SELFISHNESS.

NOT THERE IS NEED TO BE POPULAR. NOT THERE IS A NEED TO BE LOVED OR ACCEPTED. NOT THERE IS NEED TO BE IN A POSITION OF RELEVANCE OR IMPORTANT. These are not basic human needs. They are desires that arise from the EGO – EL YO conditioned-, of mine. SOMETHING DEEPLY EMBEDDED IN IT. Your I have no interest in these things. He already has everything you need to be happy. All you need is awareness of your attachments, DE LAS ILUSIONES, you and be on your way to freedom. Bad is that most equates happiness with get the object of its attachment, and does not want to know that happiness is precisely in the absence of the attachments. And not to be subjected to the power of any person or thing.