Juan Ramon Jimenez

And for who recently in Spain has dedicated a postage stamp with the image of his face and his name, date of issuance in Moguer, Huelva, 2 of June of the current 2008. The first trips of the poet by America, however, and contact with English poetry, would mark him profoundly in the formation of a new poetic stage. Stage that still belong to the literary generation of 27, himself named as the intellectual era linking him to the literary current of noucentisme: (set of intellectual, artistic and literary movements of the first third of the 20th century.) Significant time, of high literary and conjugal, intellectual, cultural and sports-tennis wealth of moza Zenobia, magnified by several sporting and cultural awards and by extensive knowledge and awards he received in training, family, University and public, enlarged with a multitude of tutors and with a long career in family and couples travelling. Among which are the United States of America, the same Spain, New York, Puerto Rico, or Cuba, where he worked as a volunteer in women’s prisons, until it moved to Miami and Washington, and from there to the village of Riverdale, near the University of Maryland, where Zenobia would exert teacher’s in Spanish. With the participation of the United States in World War II, Zenobia and Juan Ramon would classes of language and literature foreign soldiers combatants, to promote universal learning.

They would then initiate a triumphant trip through Latin America, where Juan Ramon again very pleased, although crushed by the multitude of conferences, as well as social and cultural interviews. However, satisfaction lasts little and Juan Ramon Jimenez lies in its already well-known animico-neurotica disease. Although in that trance would be well advised Zenobia by doctors of her husband that decide how to search for the poet a place of kinship to the Spanish climate. You decide to Puerto Rico, where moved and where she would play the cancer that was treated in Spain, back in the Decade of the thirties.

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