Current Measures

At the end of the second part of a detailed analysis on qualifying work. Methods of calculation and presentation summarizing the parts are identical. At the end of this section provides a general conclusion, which reflected the most important provisions of the conclusions of each group of indicators. The third part is the creative. It is necessary to propose measures to improve the research object, according to the chosen theme of work. In the beginning This section provides the theoretical calculations are ways to improve. Source for them may be textbooks, trade journals, electronic media.

The material is edited, add-ins are removed. It only remains very essence. Subsequent chapters examine measures to improve in relation to the enterprise in question. Usually it requires to specify the economic effect of these activities. And then again you are accessing his imagination – simulate the current situation. For example, it is necessary to calculate the effect of the measures to accelerate the turnover of working capital in a cafe or restaurant. We take the information (or forward on the basis of standard 1.5 – 2 square meters per person) on the actual number of seats.

Believe how much working capital is allocated to one seat per year. Specifies the parameters, such as adding seating ten places, and we believe the effect is expressed in accelerating turnover of working capital, increase revenues, profits and the restructuring of funding sources for the company, subject to the direction of additional revenue received in turn. After a brief conclusion for this section.