Innovative Valentin Day Gifts

Travel experiences online booking and to the 14.02.2009 give Cologne, January 13, 2009 (NBAISPM03012009) the online provider for tours has the upcoming Valentin day in sight, and adventure tours isango! Special offers for romantics put together. A Valentin’s day gift that clearly stands out from a box of good chocolates and much more expensive does not necessarily travel in horse-drawn carriage through the city of love. Isango! various Romantic travel experiences to the easy online booking has recorded in its range. In addition to the horse carriage ride through Paris, which passes to attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, has isango! for example a romantic gondola ride through Venice, private sailing through the Mediterranean at Malta or a helicopter ride over New York for the Valentin’s day on put together. The city of love of Venice from a gondola on the Canal Grande to enjoy, also hid themselves during a day trip on a private sailing vessel To show beauties Southeast of Malta in the Mediterranean or New York from the air by a helicopter view, proposes isango! as Valentin tags gifts before. So an experience voucher as Valentin’s day gift on February 14, means not only the gift but also the anticipation of the experience we are sure that it is such a gift and that it remains in memory, commented Daniele Beccari, Vice President Europe at isango!, the offer. This innovative gift ideas for Valentin’s day are not prohibitive: the horse-drawn carriage ride through the city of love is to have the romantic gondola through Venice from 40 euro 37.50 euros. Isango offers the all-day sailing trip from Malta out! including meals and all costs for 170,54 euros on.

Helicopter flights over New York can be booked starting from 72 euro per person. Like all our travel experiences, also these romantic trips are easy online bookings, so Beccari. More detailed information about excursions and travel experiences as Valentin day gifts, visit. The direct links to the Valentin day offer:

Sailing/yacht tour on a private boat in Malta. Helicopter flight over Gran Canaria about isango! Isango! ( is a leading provider of worldwide travel experiences. The company was founded in 2006 by former consultants and executives from Expedia and Cendant/ebookers. It offers a reliable Internet source both holidaymakers and business partners for the planning and booking of unique experiences and activities. The online offer is individually designed for each country and provides detailed information on destinations and activities. With the ability to travel on the individual needs and benefits of tourists crop, offers isango! easy online access to versatile offers, to find formerly awkward and book were. The offer by isango! with more than 4,000 activities in 60 countries aimed directly at leisure as well as business partners such as airlines, car rentals, hotel groups and travel providers.