Fiesta Children

This feast is suitable for any time of year, even for new year’s Eve, paradoxically bags party favors for all life typically include hats, why not raise the level? It is impossible not to feel festive a festive hat on his head, it’s like it gives you permission to stop being serious, or to give free rein to your funny and frivolous side. Also love to almost all ages: adults, young people, teenagers and even young children. You also have almost the same fun to a costume party, with less work for the guests. Requests all guests who bring the hat that want them, both hats, frocks, Indian headdresses, Mexican hats whatever, have a touch of fantasy and entertainment. You can make game invitations by cutting shapes of different hats in black cardboard, to give an example and go writing the details with a gold or silver marker. Or you can use the computer, by taping pictures of hats around the text. To motivate everyone, indicated in the invitation that there will be prizes for the best clothing. You can offer multiple prizes for different categories, such as: the craziest Hat hat that most resembles his owner hat that seems to have incurred higher expenditure hat that seems to have incurred lower expenditure Hat you most want to host popular vote prizes can be a chocolate bar, clothing or even a hat. Welcome to the feast of the hat! Original author and source of the article.

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