Educating For Peace

Education is, very simple, the construction of peace with another name. -Kofi Annan until not killed thousands of inhabitants of the most powerful country on Earth, in the eyes of the world, not spilled the last drop of violence who needed living civilization, to become aware of the absurdity of its history. Peace will become since then a global goal to achieve, not how theory but as a core content of the education of the masses. Believe that there are sufficient pacifists in Governments, or at least people aware of what would be a third world war. En by them that threats from Bush may be more psychological attempts to frighten Muslims and that delivered to the alleged mastermind of the disaster New York, that the true will of the first missile.I wonder how much will be my best wishes for peace, that influence to the interpreted that, entering a world war would imply a very painful human setback as the President of the United States men do not buscarian(?).Of course, that when I read the virtual messages offering the version about the perverse machination of the same officials in that country to manufacture a war, I cannot but amaze me before my enormous ingenuity, blind to the possible American sociopathy that would destroy their own economic purposes.After everything happens in families, alleged reserves of affection and care for its members. They are made, unnatural or inhuman but everyday that a parent abuse of their daughters, a husband hitting his wife, or her thing Matt after having tolerated violent years filled with impunity. Nothing strange from Cain, brothers from destroying to stay with other goods. In contrast to the wishes of peace for many, I can not see at other levels, the evolution of violence. We have not learned much over so many centuries to achieve coexist without harming us.