Buy pictures online with the experts and spaces make who currently want to buy images, has the possibility to order natural – and -city-style online handmade canvas prints in various styles such as asymmetry and splash-style mosaic, now. The wall images with dimensions of up to two and a half meters offer a special focal point in residential and business areas such as living rooms, offices, and dining rooms. The pictures interested can buy now in our online shop for canvas pictures under Buy pictures and new ambience create the mural follow your dream belongs to the canvas images with sizes of more than two meters”with a size of 210 x 80 cm in the main colours of Bordeaux, red, black and white. An image edge in neutral grey allows that after the buy pictures and this immediately can be attached the receipt at the desired location. An additional frame is not required. Can also custom designs with different colors and in different sizes for these canvases on Request be created.

The Acrylic colours used are durable and the motif brings the space an individual ambience and more breadth and depth. Another variant in the category buy handmade images is the canvas of fiery emotions”with a size of 220 x 100 cm. This image has the focus colors red and orange with motives, which take up the main motive in miniature. Squares in black put here a special accent. This canvas is made as well as the other handmade murals with acrylic paints on a canvas of the artist. This is stretched on a stretcher of the Gallery, which is painted with a neutral gray on the rim, so also this canvas can be immediately attached to the wall after receiving. With the right background virtually buy the matching images when the images buy can a Configurator be used now on, which is available in numerous background colors. So the canvas image before the actual purchase on a virtual wall can be tested.