City Council

This is why each should decide what kind of opposition is going to face because that added or not a number of advantages. Decide the type of position and its level is fundamental and must conform to the requirements. Something that brings many disappointments is to be selected by a bag of employment for an eventual post. It is true that much of the eventual personnel which is in the public administration spends years in that post, and after all that time many have had to abandon it, hence creating a controversy in the administration. But not everything is bad in the world of the opponent, or much less. Now, let’s see the advantages that have be opposition: once you’ve approved the dreaded oppositions and you get to be part of the template of civil servants of the State, your autonomous community or a City Council your life is going to make a change. From that moment you begin to be aware of what it really means to be official, its advantages are above its disadvantages and the main thing is that you it’s a job for life. To some people they may be oppressive have a seat for life at which you will always be doing the same thing (remember that you can also be promoted to ascend from) (category and salary) but thats a triviality since you can finally start to forget about these small problems that have accompanied you in your daily life during the passage of the years. Having a job for life makes that you can begin to think in one more long-term future, consider buying an apartment, thinking about a trip to the place where you’ve always wanted to go, etc. They are thoughts that although you already had them in mind are made more tangible by the security offered a post as well.