Central America

Respiratory infections like pneumonia and influenza, mainly, that in our country, time of cold, occupy the first place like disease cause, consult medical and of labor and scholastic absenteeism. Cutaneous effects, that can be pronounced in the form of cancers, solar burns or dermatosis; and the eyeglasses: conjuntivitis, cancer of conjunctive cornea and, cataract as well as degeneration to spot. paho.org/Spanish adds to us, that the Pan-American Organization of Salud (OPS) jointly realises with the World-wide Organization of the Health a call to the action to mitigate the impacts of phenomena that go from hurricanes and floods to water deficiencies and foods. The climatic change is already affecting the health of the people in countries around the world, and the consensus is that these effects only go to intensificarse" , He is worrisome as many governments have not considered seriously like facing all those actions that accelerate the climatic change, allowing many countries, including which actions concern to us with respect to the Latin American Continent that come aggravating the environment and contributing in the acceleration from the climatic change, therefore knows, that deforestation in the tropical zones of Latin America is one of the more serious environmental disasters of the region. At the moment, Latin America is responsible for the 4,3% of the gas discharges of greenhouse effect. Of these, 48,3% are the result of the deforestation and changes in the use of earth. For the 2010 zones of forests in Sur and Central America they will be reduced by 18 million of hectares (Mha) and 1,2 Mha, respectively. These areas will be used for grass and the expansion of the cattle production It indicates ircamericas.org, that if the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazonia follows the step that it indefinitely had during period 2002-2003 (2,3 Mha/year), then 100 Mha of the forest (around 25% of the original forest) will have disappeared for year 2020, and for 2050 (if we told on a scene without changes) 269,8 Mha will already have deforested.