Brazil: Human Rights

The Brazilian Constitution of 1988 nominated the Union as bigger supplier of the inherent rights the person human being, elencando the basic rights as stony clauses of our order. The explanation for implantation of such devices was the public outcry for not existing human rights to the time, in result of previously effective the Ditatorial regimen and its recent fall. Said this, the politics for the person with deficiency is noticed in those days that, was lowermost and precarious, not being unjust to say that it was even of exclusion of the deficient one. Mainly to these facts the 1988 constituent, promulgated norms of great value to the deficient ones, which had significantly modified the way of life of this minority. The problem appears in the daily social vision, created erroneamente for enxergar the deficient one as incomplete figure, that stops in such a way is devoid of medical and/or psychological assistance, and in the treatment of the same as plus a human being that loads a medical pathology.

In truth did not give credit that the person with deficiency could conquer the place that she today possesss in the society. In summary, the Brazilian Legislation is pautada in laws that it aims at to give structure to the social inclusion of the people with deficiency, but so that this really happens is basic the preservation of the primordial principle for the life in society, ‘ ‘ Principle of the Dignity of the Humana’ Person; ‘. Cited for some authors studied throughout the elaboration of this work. It seems to be, amongst the general values of the right, that one that if overlaps amongst the others. In speech on the cited principle little, Teodosio Palomino (1993) displays: En all organizacin institucin, cualquiera that sea, debe respetarse there woollen dignity persona human being who carries through one actividad labor, because in it you are el hombre quien if ennoblece for el trabajo; harms bien el trabajo if ennoblece y raises cuando lo carries through el hombre, as if analiz before, of acuerdo with you vary encyclicals letter from the pope papales.

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