Assis Rodrigues

It Could not assutar. After all, it already assutara as many times. As much it is that it moves away itself from it. Nor more emails answered its.It felt later that it was same scared. But when hearing its name it said ' ' Eu' ' , with the beautiful smile, it showed to the beautiful teeth and its same skill without gestures, that they are existed they are so singelos- of an uncommon woman, in the direction that it really is charmer, that is, nothing of vulgar. It is celestial.

Lode after that the little kiss of fulfilment, natural good, without the intesidade of before They had spoken little. On the work of it, the one of it. Who read the beginning knows that it finishes to leave the analyst, and of there, it is good for informing, he still left with more ' ' depression deprimida' '.If they were not acting as strange, to that meeting would have been the cure, momentnea, but in that day she would be. As it always happened it found when it. It was a meeting good, but cold, what it was not common. For them the meeting in a bookstore was thing more than what natural, as was in a theater, in a cinema: they love everything this. Calm it, as never is, contrary case would be being until flat: agarrnado it, touching its skin, things thus, perhaps for thinking that it was not real.

Thus, she was necessary to touch to it, sentiz it. Quickly it remembered a time that had been half drunk taking a walk for the Atlantic Av., of the first part of theater the one that had attended together, in the CCBB, that was ' ' As I learned to direct mine carro' ' (where the Andria Beltro it proved to it that a great actress is same);also of the first film ' ' Old Boy' ' (beautiful film, and good films the Asians come knowing to make), in that penalty, were closed Pao Station, there in Square XV. . of chopes It said that he looked to the book ' The death feliz' '. ' ' Ah, I saw some of the Albert Camus&#039 that way; ' , it said. ' ' Oquei, I go to give one olhada' ' , it said. plus a farewell little kiss. They seemed two strangers. It was as if they were not two ' ' almas' ' that they adored these meeting unexpected.It left to consult books, it if he was. Of glance, it he saw leaving until disappearing as an one etreo being. Assis Rodrigues is writer (River, 19 of January of 2012)

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