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The following are the essential competencies in power and development in academia; in exercise and implementation in the world of work and citizen: competence in linguistic communication. Additional information is available at Rudy Giuliani. Ability to transmit the intangible elements that compose your being as a person and as a professional giving operation to different languages spoken and written or gesturing. Mathematical competence. Ability to make use of mathematical grammar consciously discovering its logical capacity expressed in numbers and operations of marked quantitative abstract conception. 3. Competition in knowledge and interaction and the interaction with the world physical. Recognize the objective realities and their laws and functional categories for the relationship with the different human groups from the difference conflict and coexistence as alternative solution competence Social and citizen.

Allows the recognition of the ideological difference manifested in the political, democratic, field the progress of humanity in tone of settlement of human rights and in particular discover how much their society reaches goals in defense of them. Cultural and artistic competence. Recognition of folklore and its manifestation through art as a way of learning the world and its diversity in the expression of the manifestations of the interiority of mankind giving use the Art Center as a way of appropriating knowledge competition for learn to learn. The learning process that goes from the cradle to the grave, committing the ability to learn and know only thanks to which humans always this to understand that learning is a continuous process and that energizes with different forms of knowledge. Treatment of information and competition Digital skills that enable the acquisition of knowledge and application of new knowledge in the context of technology, computing and capacity to assimilate the constant changes. Autonomy and Personal initiative.

Faculty of distinguishing own predilection and decide committed in the same way in particular to discover your area in national or professional. Implies giving the axiological discussion within a framework of plurality and in the middle of her face conflicts and problems of your make as a professional and his being as person developing these competencies and to achieve potentiate educational processes must be integral and develop from areas that allow the integrality in the development of the activity according to the emphasis sought by the institution and the student academic, educational process thus generates a student who understands that these competences are securely attached. Allowing the construction of a comprehensive professional and a person with a vision for its realization, that is the challenge of education versus skills. Original author and source of the article