Women At The Wheel

Still some ten – twenty years ago a woman driving a car was considered exotic. Its presence could be considered a guarantee that it really something the machine will not get into any trouble (well, if only as a victim). Precisely because of its small woman for a long time behaved on the road very carefully, trying not to create any problems in this "world of men, and still called by them, at best, unhealthy interest with a certain degree of neglect. Who are the poor thing just did not compare! And with a frightened cat and a monkey with a grenade, and a cow on ice! But these days, fortunately, were in the area of daily life (as in all other) woman now feels quite confident. Woman on the road today has become such a frequent phenomenon that psychologists have seriously talked about a special type of behavior women drivers. How these types differ from Men's driving style, as far as purely feminine – to judge you. Type One: Business stopped her, usually for speeding and unnecessary chaotic rebuilding.

And it's not that the driver receives fun to drive fast, not at all – just that she always hurry, afraid of being late, trying to succeed in several places simultaneously. This style of life (and schedule for the day to do as much as the other barely have time to per week) dictates the speed of movement, respectively. That's really for whom a car is really not a luxury.