The Prejudices

– All the participants must see themselves like companions. – He must have coach or coordinator that maintains the context of the dialogue. By means of these conditions we can contribute to that the free flow of the meaning passes through all the participants reducing the resistance to the flow. In the dialogue cold energy takes place, like in a superconductor. This allows to discuss hot subjects, subjects that without it would be emotional sources of conflicts and tensions, even fractures. In change therefore is transformed into options to reach shared visions.

Suspension of assumptions The suspension of the personal assumptions is key for the free flow of the meaning. The assumptions take place, since there are saying, because the thought normally he is not participating. It does not take care of nor, much less, it tracks the reality. It continues with his you rule of reference, his assumptions, we can consider among them the prejudices, the generalizations, the belief that already we know the sense of the flow of the dialogue. To suspend the personal assumptions means to maintain them, you visualized as if them hanging before you, you would hear hung near your ears or you would feel upon your knees. That they are accessible for its observation, investigation, reflection and questioning. This does not suppose to reject your assumptions nor to repress them or to shut up them.

It does not mean either that the subjetivismo is bad or that you cannot have opinions. It concretely means to have brings back to consciousness of your assumptions and to put under them examination. And, this, you will not be able to do it if you insist on defending your opinions or no you are conscious that your perspective are based on supposed and not in demonstrated facts. Bohm argues that when an individual nails the heels it decides that thus they are the things, the flow of the dialogue is blocked.