The Energy

Therefore, if there are objects called black holes, in which everything can fall, but nothing back can not escape, there must be other places, of which all can be pulled out, but nothing could fall. They can be called white holes. It is also possible to speculate that if we jump into a black hole in one place, then get out of a white hole in another. In fact, it is not. The slightest disturbance, such as the presence of a spaceship, destroying "the hole" – the passage leading from a black hole in white. The spacecraft would have been torn apart by the infinitely large. " The spacecraft could not slip into another universe, and then come back.

But it is completely under the power of information (or the energy of high frequency vibration). Specify that energy is everything! Consciousness, information, energy (in the earthly sense), matter-everything is energy, but different levels of vibration frequency as white holes are the opposites of black holes, which disappears into nowhere a huge amount of positive and negative energy, both in white holes are born equal number of positive and negative energy. It is white holes can explain the grandiose explosions in the universe with a huge release of energy. Detect the white hole is extremely difficult. Scientists discover them, as Typically, the relics – the remnants of explosions of different power. On the role of relics claimed by white hole quasars. Quasars – a super-energetic nucleus is small, located at the periphery of the universe, moving away from us at velocities close to the speed of light.