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Wrapping paper can be broken, but the bubble plastic can be used in several Sometimes, it is more clean and by its transparency, makes it easier identification of contents. Purchase more tape than you think you’ll need. Many people end up needing more tape than had thought when it comes to packaging. Miniwarehouses company personnel can help you in this aspect. For your convenience, items such as boxes, bubble plastic and tape are for sale in some of the facilities of miniwarehouses rental companies. Pack in boxes. It fits everything you can. Anything you are going to be stored can stain of dust, so it is better that are in boxes.

Fill out all the boxes to their maximum capacity. The content in half-empty boxes may escape during transport or load. In addition, corners and sides can collapse if there is no support. To fill in the spaces that are empty usa clothes or sheets. Wrap all fragile as dishes, vessels, ornaments, etc. articles, separately. All these elements should be firmly wrapped in sturdy boxes.

Fill the empty spaces with paper or fill. Mark fragile legend in boxes containing delicate items. Clearly label all boxes on more than one side so you can identify the contents. In terms of books, pack them gently to avoid damaging his loins. Other items of packaging when you go to pack your clothes, thinks in invest in a box of Cabinet that has a bar for hanging. You can buy them in most installations of storage and movement. Large electrical appliances must be prepared correctly for proper storage: defrost refrigerators and freezers to prevent damage by humidity, such as the growth of mildew. ATA the doors of these devices during transport, but once they are within the minibodega leave the doors open. A good idea to clean the inside of devices with baking soda before storing them.