If you are sure to want to become a bronze goddess in the rays of natural or artificial sunlight, remember a few simple rules: If you have white or pink skin (with freckles or not), get a bronze skin tone can only be through cosmetics. It does not form pigment and vulnerable to solar intervention. Burn it very easily, and can not get a tan. She just turns red. Common in redheads. Sunbathing not be taken if you drink sulfonamides or certain antibiotics.

They increase skin sensitivity to sun. You can get a burn or a leopard skin coat. On the leaflet of these drugs usually cost warning “causes photosensitivity.” If the skin peels off, on it there were pimples, moles or redness, you should not go to the beach. The impact of ultraviolet radiation may be a stimulant for further development skin diseases. If the skin is acne, and do not sunbathe.

Previously it was thought that ultraviolet light kills the acne, cosmetologists and dermatologists now have a different opinion. Do not use perfumes or cosmetics the exception is a special beach cosmetics and sunscreens. Regardless of whether you are sunbathing in the sun or under the light, protect eyes with dark glasses, his hair – a light scarf, her lips – a protective balsam. Remember that sun rays are ubiquitous, they penetrate into the water, and under trees and tents, even through clothing, especially if it is translucent. Therefore, reducing the time at the beach, if you expect the whole day be outdoors. After a session in the tanning bed or sunbathing on the beach, always rinse off the remains of a protective agent and put on a skin moisturizing lotion, a lotion or cream. If you’re going to spend the day at outdoors (not tanning), still apply sunscreen to exposed areas of the body, especially on the face. Going on vacation to warmer climates, spend 2-3 sessions in the solarium. This will prepare your aching “Solar starvation” shock to the skin portions of the southern sun. Melanin – the pigment formed as a result of this, not only will give your skin a light tan, but also protects from the effects of UV-rays.