State Internet

That explains why of the narrowness of band that we have the Cubans, by the hostile policy of the North American government, and also because, before this reality, nation has decided to prioritize the connection to the network of organized way to guarantee a social use of the same, and that can suitably be used by doctors, scientists, students, professionals, personalities of the Culture, companies, research centers and many more. This strategy, recognized by international organisms like a model to follow by the developing countries, has made possible that today exist more than 1 370 virtual sites under .cu, 940 000 users of electronic mail and other 219 000 of Internet, which multiplies in hundreds of thousand more if the social character of many of these facilities considers, that allow that a same point of connection is used by several people, like happens to an account of electronic mail. In case outside little, and Numbers ICAN, the one is for Internet Corporation Assigned Yams that provides with directions IP and names to the rest of the world, the one that, in spite of being according to announces a nongovernmental organization for charity, she is subject to laws of the Federal Office for the Communications and to the Department of State of the United States. To this it is necessary to add to him that the North American empire controls the 50 percent of the communications satellites and the 75 percent of network Internet. It produces the 60 percent of the software of world-wide use and a single company, Microsoft, it dominates with Windows, the installed operating system in more of the 90 percent of the personal computers. In the case of the Web, the 40 percent of the navigators is concentrated in this country, and the 80 percent of the contents spread in the pages Web is in English.