Special Discounts On Debt Rescheduling

Banks lure new customers with special conditions for debt rescheduling. The global economic crisis and the resulting bad figures for the new buildings make it necessary that banks otherwise oriented, even loan customers to reach. This time they have discovered the Anschlussfinanzierer for themselves and lure with special offers for debt rescheduling, or special discounts for forward loans for follow-on financing. The beginning of the year 2010 so a good month for property owners, whose follow-up financing is coming soon. But also for customers who plan the rescheduling of construction financing, the banks offer special rates currently, unless it’s new customers. So, the ING DiBa granted E.g. a 0.20% on all follow-up financing interest rate discount.

Also the AXA and many more banks, such as PSD banks and smaller credit unions and savings banks, currently attract Anschlussfinanzierer with very good conditions. Some offers are currently so good that it could be worth even, one for the early rescheduling of the loan Compensation to be paid. Whether it pays off, you must calculate the compensation itself and then compare. But not only the immediate debt restructuring will be rewarded with good conditions. Also on forward loans, i.e. loans that are only paid out in the future, special discounts are currently admitted.

Require most banks usually monthly extension an interest premium from 0.02 to 0.03 percent, are currently just once half. Some banks even waive the surcharges, or require them only from an interest-free deployment period of 12 months. So every crisis also has its good side. This time clearly Anschlussfinanzierer and rescheduling customers benefit from this situation. Man should however not too long wait to secure the current discounts, because the party mood of banks will probably not be of long duration. To find out which Bank a makes the best offer for his follow-up financing, you should be on an independent construction financing agent contact, which many banks can offer. So to get an objective overview of the situation in the market of interest and can be sure that to have best offer found for your own situation.