Neighbourhood noise affects millions of home users nearly 90% of apartments in Germany do not meet the current noise protection standards, and over a third of the population suffers more or less noise from the neighborhood. Noise control related problems include most common lack of complaints for condos. This applies to both newly created and updated, or otherwise structurally changed apartments. It is not surprising, therefore, that the courts at Mietstreitigkeiten as well as regarding way often with the constructional requirements for houses and apartments to avoid neighborhood noise have deal. Generally, the associated questions can be clarified after the required noise protection only with involvement of experts. This entire area, there are now two new studies of, the online database for experts and practitioners on the Internet.

The author Sabine Konig, for many years as a judge in Hamburg working and thereby familiar with the matter, illuminated the jurisdiction in the law of tenancy and condominium matters and to the current discussion about the legally owed soundproofing standard comments. Among others, contributions are supplemented by references to technical rules and regulations and their legal significance. The two new documents (DokNr. 7-02-0911 and 7-06-0511) Immorecht.html from the database can be downloaded for a fee at. Peter-Andreas Kamp Hausen / editorial DatSV