Society One

The use of the human resources and material cannot all be conceived uniformly for the set of the Country, nor for the territories configure that it. If a territory withholds a significantly high level of qualified human resources, as, for example, the areas metropolitans, the destination of these could not be same that the intended one for a territory demographially rarefied with a little qualified population, where agricultural businesses prevail, as, for example, regions where the base of natural resources still meets preserved and that little are integrated internally and with the remaining portion of Country. 11. Responsible criteria in relation to the environment mean differentiated treatments, not only in what it says respect to distinct ecosystems, but, over all, as for the antropizadas areas and to the natural areas where the original conditions meet preserved still more.

4 Conclusion: The obedience and subjection to these questions, independently of ideological positions, practically demand the distinction between the different parts that configure the domestic territory, then of exit, in the formularization of the proposals of action of the Government, in accordance with the characteristics of each one of them. This means that the economic policy must foresee instruments fiscal, monetary, credit, etc. that respect and contemplate the differences between the diverse territories of the Country. In other words, disgnostic and proposals of action of territorial character precede the formularization of the general lines of action of the politics economic national, serving of pointer of relativizao of its respective instruments, in accordance with the particularitities of each one of these territories, particularitities these express in potentialities and limitations that each one presents in terms of natural resources, human and of capital, and, especially, in terms of aggression and conservation of the natural resources, over all, of you did not renew. 4,5 Real projects of society demand a process of social development and economic auto-supported and in full conformity in the potentialities of of one the Independently determined Country Broken Politician to be conservative, progressive or of center (or radicalizing, to be reactionary or revolutionary), the truth is that all idealize and praise an image of Society with little injustices and more inclusion (what they vary are the forms and methods to obtain this). Comments: 12.

The concept of auto-supported development brings implicit, amongst other things, the continuity idea, that is, idea of a process that, an initiated time, has conditions to continue its trajectory in the direction to reach its goals. This conception of auto-support does not have only to be limited to the natural resources. 13. Therefore a formulated strategy of development on the basis of the handling of the natural resources, in full conformity with its inherent vulnerabilities, that the maximizao of its uses assures, combining preservation with income-producing economic exploration, could not be auto-sustainable if it will not be folloied by economic instruments that make possible investments in compatible machines and equipment with the characteristics of the natural base and with the restrictions that it imposes. 14. The auto-support will be compromised if it will not be folloied by instruments of qualification of the local human resources, to become them apt to manejar the natural resources in accordance with its requirements and to operate equipment that allows to its exploration preservan.